The Bad Petrovich Line Up


High Performance
Art on the water!

Peter Bogdanov brings his world class fine art into the world of surfing. All of our surfboards are high performance masterpieces.


Bad Ass on Purpose
Concrete Planet

Bad Petrovich offers its art work on skateboards that stand out in the crowd. From our brand board to "The Cold Friend", our skateboards are bad ass.

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Stand Up Paddle
October 2020

We are working on our next product line up painting stand up paddle boards. Check back in October for our first paintined SUP's to hit the site.

This is Bad Petrovich
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Art on the Water!
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State of the art!
It would never be enough to just paint surfboards as wall hung art. For Bad Petrovich we custom build, shape, and design high art, high performance, high class masterpieces only everytime.
Peter "Bad Petrovich" Bogdanov
Premier Series

The hand painted, one-off masterpieces of artist Peter Bogdanov.

Kings Edition
Van Gogh's Ocean

Premier Series - $2,400.00

⁃14 1/4 “ N
⁃19 1/2”C
⁃15 3/4 T
⁃2 1/2” thick
60/40 soft rails
Square Tail

Painted to honor the paint style of Van Gogh. Van Gogh's Ocean is a playful take on a surreal sky meets ocean mosh up. The whales are at play in the cosmic foreverness.


Kauai Sky Spirit
Kauai Sky Spirit

Custom Painted - $4,200

⁃20 1/2 “C
⁃15 1/2” T
Flat nose
Concave Center
Thrusted lockbox Fin Layout

I have voted this to be my favorite board of all the boards I have painted. The art work is inspired by my time on the island of Kauai.


Alien Orchid
Alien Orchid
Custom Painted - $3,400.00

As a tattoo artist I get to tattoo orchids all the time. They are very unique to me in that they all look like little aliens. My take on this iconic flower.



Custom Painted - $2,200

⁃14” N
⁃20 3/4” C
⁃2 7/8” Thick
Rounded Square Tail
Flat Nose
Concave center to dual concave

Phillip is my take on a sea dragon. All seeing and all knowing. The Sea Dragon has already been tattooed by myself and my son. Buy the board that inspires people to get tattooed.


Kauai Sky Spirit
The Storm

Custom Painted - $4,200

⁃N 13”
⁃C 20”
⁃T 13 1/8”
⁃Thick 31/8”
Shallow tail
Slight concave nose

The Storm is a painting done to honor our first respondors and those that run in while everyone else runs out. The art is a look at the storm of political unrest in our current times. In spite of all this, first responders still risk their lives everyday.


Black Swan
Black Swan
Custom Painted - SOLD
The Black Swan really pushed the bounderies of texture and imagination. I love the way the skull belly came out. This board sold as soon as it was done.
Black Swan II
Black Swan II
Custom Painted - SOLD
The Black Swan II was inspired by the movie by the same name. A chilling tale of the fine arts gone terribly wrong. The second Black Swan board really pushed our art in a new style and direction.
Custom Painted - SOLD
The Seahorse was one of my most fun paintings. I enjoyed painting a bio mechanical style mixed with contemporary art and surreal sea life.
Kings Edition
Dragon Fly
Premier Series - SOLD
This is one of the boards that started it all. The Dragon Fly was a comissioned custom shape and paintied board custom built to the clients specifications. We love the fact that this boards has been surfed many times.
Kauai Sky Spirit
The Red Skull
Custom Painted - SOLD
The Red Skull was the third board painted in our brands history. This is a great representation of Peter Bogdanovs personal style.
Alien Orchid
The Adelita
Custom Painted - $5,000.00

The woody board in our collection. The Adelita is a painting of Donna Adelita Bogdanov over the top of a custom shaped and designed wood laminate masterpiece. This board is enjoyed in our personal collection, but we will part ways for the asking price.


Sea Goddess
Custom Painted - $5,000

The Sea Goddess is a very special board in the Bad Petrovich line up. This board was built for the famous Maverick's break and the mighty waves that make this surf spot famous. Shaped by Rich Gonzales. The board has been sold, however the owner will accept a $5,000 sales price.


Kings Edition
Blood In The Water

Premier Series - $3,300

⁃6’6 1/2”
⁃14” N
⁃15” T
⁃2 3/4” Thick
Flat Nose
Squash Tail
Concave center
Rolled tail

I wanted to experiment with the emotion of fear by painting an image that did not show the villian but still provoked the chaos of death. Blood in the Water is my vision of the fear envoking shark attack.


Kauai Sky Spirit
The Beautiful
Custom Painted - SOLD
This will always be known as the board that sold at the speed of FaceBook. The Beautiful is an abstract art piece celebrating the beauty that is the female of the species. The board sold just 15 minutes after being posted online.
The Terra Nova

Pro Series - $900.00

⁃12” Nose
⁃19 1/2” CTA
⁃3 1/8” thick
Slight concave nose
Flat centered
V rolled tail

You can now grab one of our Pro Series Terra Nova boards at the new retail price of just $900.00. The Terra ova is the prototype created for a limited edition series. It is a one of a kind fyber-lam printed surfboard. Grab the only one we have!


Kauai Sky Spirit
The King's Alpha

The Alpha - $1,200

⁃6’41/2” ⁃12” N ⁃20” C ⁃14” Tail Single Wing Shallow Tail Flat Nose Flat tail  

Before we created and built the seven Kings Edition boards in that limited series, we created an Alpha board to serve as prototype. This is that board. The alpha that helped launch the Kings Edition series. The board is signed by the artist as well.


Kauai Sky Spirit
The King's Edition

The Final Board - $1,850

⁃12” N
⁃20” C
⁃14” Tail
Single Wing
Shallow Tail
Flat Nose
Flat tail

The Kings Edition was loimited to just seven boards. The first six have all been sold. This is the final remaining Kings Edition from this series. It is autographed by the artist and is board 7 of 7. The Kings Edition is a great collectors investment. Be the final King!


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Family Shield

Pro Series - $90


Kauai Sky Spirit



Kauai Sky Spirit
They See Me



Kauai Sky Spirit
My Cold Friend